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Liga Endesa

​Pablo Aguilar: “They scored some really good baskets which were decisive”

The power-forward returns after two weeks of absence because of a foot injury.

“I think we have played well, with some details that at this level make the difference. But I think this is the path we should take, to continue playing like we have done. We must play every time with more confidence and sharing the ball. The team is able to score and we only need to grow a little bit in defense”.

“At the end we played a good defense, but Green was able to score some big baskets or even Dubljevic. They scored some really good baskets that were decisive and we could not do anything more. Our team needed to focus during 40 minutes and I think we did it”.

“I have some pain on my foot, but I wanted to help the team. After two weeks of absence it was my first test and I have tried the best I could. It was not my biggest game, but I am glad to be able to help my teammates in the court”.