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C.B. Gran Canaria celebrated the first session of ‘One Team’ with UP2U

Ciro Santana was the coach for this session that participated Xavi Rabaseda who is the ambassador of this project.

C.B. Gran Canaria started different weekly seminars to teach values and technical concepts about basketball to abandoned youngsters that are under the jurisdiction of the Association “ #Up2U Project, Depende de ti” (depends on you).

This different seminars are ruled by the social corporative of Euroleague called ‘One Team’. Its aims is to integrate different groups or community to the basketball family. Xavi Rabaseda, who is the ambassador of the club, participated in this special day.

Boys and girls that formed this group could learn rules about basketball like how to pass, to dribble and how to throw. Children had a great time playing in the same place where the Herbalife Gran Canaria plays some Sundays, in the Gran Canaria Arena.

It is really important to teach basketball everywhere and use it as a tool to make children happy” Enrique Moreno, Herbalife Gran Canaria’s president, said. This boys and girls, “children with a big risk of social inclusion, have the rights to enjoy basketball which is a healthy and teamwork sport” explained the president, “it is really important to collaborate with this types of projects because all of us belong to the same Grancanarian society”.

Reyes Martel, president of the project, explained “it is very important because it is a normal integral training of every human”. Martel distingues the values of this sport “is like the life itself”. “Thanks to this project there are lot of boys and girls that has been introduced in society as foremen or waiters, or even a professional sport player”.

Xavi Rabaseda, shared this day with them and said that this new initiative “help the club and children, this great new initiative is thanks to Eurocup and Euroleague, and I am glad to be the ambassador”. Xavi shared that youngsters were really happy to be there.

There will be eight different seminars that will be supervised by Ciro Santana.