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C.B. Gran Canaria renewed the agreement with Herbalife Nutrition until 2021

Both companies renovated the partnership three more seasons.

The firm ‘Herbalife Nutrition’ started as main sponsor six years ago in the summer 0f 2012. This amazing journey concurred with the best results in the history of C.B. Gran Canaria.

The president of Herbalife Gran Canaria, Enrique Moreno, described the agreement as “crucial to mantain a good economical balance for the next three seasons“. Moreno remembered that Herbalife Nutrition established himself as the main sponsor who lasts longer in the Club’s history and recognised Carlos Barroso as “one member of the Club” because of his close relationship with his firm and himself.

The general director of Herbalife Nutrition in Spain evaluated the new agreement as “big proud” for all the staff and clients in his company. Barroso defined the Grancanarian Club as “a company that works very hard in benefit of a healthy lifestyle” and highlighted the great success of the team in the recent seasons, “which we contributed a little bit because all the players use our products“.

Then, the Counselor of Sports in the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, Ángel Víctor Torres, qualified the event as “a very important date for the present and future of C.B. Gran Canaria“.

Torres appreciated the support from Herbalife Nutrition to the Grancanarian sport and recognised that the team “refunded us the investment with joy” and that “the Club is a great example for society“.


The press conference ended with an emotional moment, when Carlos Barroso received from Enrique Moreno the gold and brilliant badge of the Club “for his commitment with basketball and the Island of Gran Canaria“.