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Clevin Hannah: “It’s going to be a tough challenge but we have experience”

Clevin Hannah was introduce to the media in an act sponsored by Aguas de Teror.

Clevin Hannah answered to the media questions this past Thursday. The 30-years-old point guard was introduced to the media in an act sponsored by partner Aguas de Teror.

“Timing is everything and right now is the perfect time. I played for the coach in Joventut, he decided to come here and I think the time is perfect right now”.

“Salva is a really good coach, I enjoyed playing for him. I had a good season, we made the Playoff. I would love to be in Gran Canaria as long as the club would have me. It’s a great place, I always loved coming to play against Gran Canaria, it’s one of my favorites gyms to play, they have an amazing crowd. It’s a really nice place, I would love to be here for many years if possible”.

“Albert is a really good player, he’s one of my toughest matchups to play against in ACB. Even though he’s an older guy he’s really smart, he’s a talented player and has been playing for many years. I expect to just learn as much as I can from him and we both try to help this team do good things”.

“I think me as a younger player didn’t think the game as much, I wasn’t as smart as I am now. Right now being 30 years old, going into my ninth pro season, I’m feeling great”.

“We have a really veteran roster. We think we have experience. It’s gonna be a tough challenge but with the experience we have we’l keep getting beter during season”.