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DJ Strawberry: “I heard great things about the organization and the island”

The 33-years-old player was introduced to the media at HPS Hospitales facilities.

DJ Strawberry was introduced to the media last Wednesday at HPS Hospitales facilities in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The 33-years-old guard answered some questions about his motivations to move to the island, what can he bring to the team and more.

“I don’t think it was the main reason, I just think Gran Canaria is a great club. I heard great things about the organization and the island. Playing EuroLeague is one of the main things that every player wants to do in his career but playing in a good situation with good people -that’s more important for me and my family”.

“Personal goals is just play the best I can, lead the team in any way I can, be professional every day, bring my experience in EuroLeague to the younger players. Just compete every game and hopefully bring the team back to EuroLeague next season”.

“I think I bring scoring, defense, and overall experience and toughness. As a team there are a lot of young players in the team. They are very tough, physical. They play with no fear and I like that about the team. I’m looking forward to steping on the court with them and compete against all the best teams in Europe”.

Listen to the full press conference: