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Eulis Baez: “We need to focus on Barcelona”


“It is the fifth edition of the Food Collection Campaign, it is a beautiful collaboration that we do during the season, we have done it years ago and it is a completely success. This year we are doing it on the game versus Barcelona. On the outside there will be a van where you could leave all the food. You can bring every type of food that are not perishable food. We would love to have the same success as years before, to help people that are in need”.


“We are healthy, the only one that is not yet is Marcus, that he is recuperating himself. We are really concentrated on winning another game at home. I have heard a lot about our position on the ACB, but right now we only think about in each game. We need to focus on the game against Barcelona, we need to know what we have to do to win this game and think only in that”.


“They have lost a lot but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t a a basketball team. If I were in the team of la Penya with 13 loses, I wouldn’t be worried about the ranking or the next game that I will play with. What they have done in that game was to go out and play with a great level. I cannot say that we were surprised, because they went out pretty good with merit. With our self-commitment, we have things we need to improve but this happens in every game, the ones that we have won and the ones that we haven’t. We as players we like to see what it is inside of the team, but of course if we make mistakes and the other team makes points, we will lose”.


“This games are really special because they have great players with a really high level. The team has got more budget and because of the history behind. In this meaning, it is important because you are facing a team that in theory is better than yours. The years that I have been playing here and we have won to this team it has been like a day to remember, it is like a final. I remember that in the CID when we played against this team, fans were so loud that they almost jumped to the court. We are excited to play with big teams and try to win them is our goal. There are more fans in this kind of games because of the teams we play against”.


“Nowadays, I only think about feeling healthy and try to help the team at my maximum level. After my injury, it was really hard for me to recover myself and now I use to talk to Albert, and the best thing is to think about the present and to finish this season the best I can. In terms of continuing working here, I have been here for 6 years and I love the Club. I feel really good in Gran Canaria”.