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Luis Casimiro: “We need our fans so we can fight for these two matches”

The yellow coach wants to call the fans for this two matches in the Gran Canaria Arena.

“The team is looking forward to feel the warmth of the public. We have only played one game in our field against Joventut. We are happy to play at home and looking forward to feel the extra energy that our fans give us.”
“Each match is important. We need to be at 100%. We are going to play the forth game in Eurocup, but it is not definitive, even though it is going to be an important game and we need to feel our fans, to play a great match and to feel comfortable.”
“We are faithful when we play at home, because fans give us the energy extras that we need when we play outside. Even though we need to work on this as fans are not always with us, so it is an outstanding topic that we will work on. There are 8 months left for the competition, so we need to be prepare and to continue with a good rhythm. With the FIBA qualifiers we will not play at home until December, for that reason, we need our fans to be with us in this two games ahead.”
“They are a team with a great athleticism, with very tough players, and above all, they work as a team because they do not have any player that highlight from the rest. They have a very high pace of game and they play with open centers, Silins and Rossi are able to shoot from three and that is a challenge for us because our centers work more under the rim. And they also have players like Betinho and Sutton who give them great intensity in the court”.
“Our group is right now the closest in this round of EuroCup, with any unbeaten team. So we face a crucial game if we desire to continue in this competition”.