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The events of C.B. Gran Canaria for Easter week has concluded

The 4th Minibasket Campus and the 1st BabyBasket Campus gathered 75 boys and girls.

The events for Easter week ended this Wednesday, 28th. The 4th edition of the Minibasket Clinic was run by Paco M. Vega, and the 1st edition of the BabyBasket was coordinated by Dara Suárez. Both events brought together 75 boys and girls between four and eights years of age. The Minibasket Campus focused of technical issues and improvement of the game, while the Babybasket was oriented on learning the game of basketball.

On the last day of the Campus’, Marcus Eriksson and Ondrej Balvin visited the Claret School in Tamaraceite to have fun with the participants and answer their questions. The president of the Club, Enrique Moreno, also visited the event and share the closure act with the children.