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The new budget of C.B. Gran Canaria for the Season 17-18 has been approved

The Board of Directors and the Canarian Sport Foundation approved the new budget for the next season 17-18.

This budget will be 8,151,328.97 euros, that maintains the similar quantity as last year. The last season, the budget grew up for 13% from the one before that. Although, in this season the quantities are almost the same as last year.

In fact, in the same meeting it was approved the liquidation of the last season that raises revenue more than costs, that gave a 67,816.4€ surplus before taxes. So, as it happened last year, that quantity will be returned to the Cabildo of Gran Canaria in concept of refund for the subsidy given.

Likewise, in the same meeting, the Board of Directors and the Canarian Sport Foundation gave green light to the new organisation chart and the new redistribution and responsibilities to the workers of C.B.Gran Canaria. In this respect, the Herbalife Gran Canaria’s president will be responsible for the management of the club and he will be paid for this responsibilities. The same will happen with the new executive director. Despite of that, the total amount for employees salaries is less than last season, because of there will be changes in the organisation chart.