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The lead doesn’t mean a thing when Herbalife Gran Canaria face Zielona Gora

Coach Aito said to the media that «our 11-points lead doesn’t mean anything» -while Aguilar said that «we know it won’t be easy».

Herbalife Gran Canaria host Stelmet Zielona Gora in the second game of the Eurocup Quarterfinals. The yellow team beat Poland champion in the first game by 11 points.

«The lead could be an anecdote. Because this is a 80 minutes game, our 11-point lead doesn’t mean anything. We need to focus in every attack and in every defense. The advantages will be important in the last minutes of the game.»

«It’s a curious thing that they have won every away game. But we don’t have to worry about that, we know about their potential, we must focus in our game.»

«I am greateful that our fans and media have noticed that is not easy to reach a Eurocup semifinal, so they already know that this game is a decisive one, and that’s good for us.»

«We know it won’t be easy, we have the experience of the game versus Limoges, where we suffered, and also our last game versus Baloncesto Sevilla, where we lost by a big difference. We know that will be a really complicated game until the end and we must give our best.»

«It is a strange scenario that they have won every single game away from their home. It’s something to have in mind, we know that we must jump to the court even more focus and give everything to win. We are mentally prepared, we must proved it in the court.»