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Aíto García Reneses and Oriol Paulí talk about Herbalife Gran Canaria’s chances

Both have their past linked with FC Barcelona Lassa, next Herbalife Gran Canaria’s opponent on Sunday. Both told to the media that the game is going to be a tough one but they have their chances.

Aíto Garcia Reneses quotes

«It is difficult that Kevin could play. He says that he feels better, but he doen’s see well and we might wait a little bit more.»

«It’s going to be a really difficult game for us, but we don’t have to worry about the score, but yes about playing our game. If they don’t play they game, we have chances to win.»

«They have so many resources that we cannot face them tactically. I am not worry about the pace of the game, if it is slow or fast, we need to focus in our game.»

Oriol Paulí quotes

«It will be a beautiful game to play, even more in our arena where we didn’t lose in Liga Endesa. We want to keep unbeaten in Gran Canaria.»

«Our extra motivation of facing a great team as FC Barcelona Lassa will provoke that we will jum to the court with a lot of energy.»

«We have put a lot of faith in this game. For me it is a little bit more special because I played there and I have known people.»

«We forgot our bad streak before Jerusalem. The team never thought that we were in a bad one, but we thought to do our things well and we recovered our good feelings in the laast two games.»