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Aito Garcia Reneses: «It will be an intense game»

Both Aito Garcia Reneses and Albert Oliver said that Pinar Karsiyaka is a «very aggresive team» with a high level of intensity in defense.

Albert Oliver: «We have to think now that Eurocup is a different competition and this is a two game round. We have to play each play little by little.»

«We know that we are in quarterfinals and the teams are better and we are facing a tough team. Pinar Karsiyaka defend really well and they also have the home advantage because they did better than us in the Last 32.»

«It will be so important for us to reach the semifinals, we want to reach as far as possible. We hope to play a good match tomorrow to have options in Turkey.»

«We want to feel the heat of our fans. It is a very important match, a decisive one, and if our fans are hot, it will be easier for us.»

Aíto García Reneses: «They have the home advantage and they didn’t lose in the Last 32. We are playing the first leg at home, only the first half of the quarterfinals, we cannot think in the second leg. Any lead in this game won’t be decisive, it will be an intense game because they are very aggressive.»

«It is an historic game. We didn’t have time to think about it because we are playing two competitions. Our path in Eurocup is very good until now and we have the chance to beat a record, we are thrilled with the occasion.»

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