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Aito remarks Galatasaray offense -Savane and Pangos «looking forward» to play in Turkey

Coach Aito Garcia Reneses told the media that Galatasaray has «an extraordinary offense» -meanwhile, both Savane and Pangos talked about Turkish’ atmosphere.

Aito Garcia Reneses: «They have an extraordinary offense»

“Galatasaray is a very good team, they have an extraordinary offense. Players like McCollum and Micov work really hard, and lot of others help the team in every different position.”

“Logically, we have to try. If we do not defend strongly, the Galatasaray offense will destroy us. We also need to stay strong offensively, because as we know we have 80 minutes and the first 40 minutes are played in Istanbul.”

Sitapha Savane: «Most players like to play in that kind of situation»

“We all know what we are expecting there, a very hot atmosphere, although most of players like to play in that kind of situation instead of a cold one. It must help to motivate us. We are playing five vs five with one ball.”

“They have very good players and they can play in every position. If they are in semifinals is because they have earned it. We have our own style, so let’s see which of us is going to pass.”

Kevin Pangos: «I’m really looking forward to that atmosphere»

«I’ve heard the atmosphere is crazy and it’s always fun to play in those kind of games. I’m really looking forward to that. They are going to be a great competition obviously because they made it this far.

«It’s going to be a lot of fun for us and we are just going to do what we’ve done during all season and try to play hard and win.»