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Berdi Perez and Joaquin Costa reactions on Eurocup Draw

Both Berdi Perez and Joaquin Costa said after the Eurocup draw that Group B «it’s a tough one» -it’s going to require hard work to get through it.

General Manager Berdi Perez

«It’s a really tough and really close group because all our rivals were important teams in their respective leagues last season. Almost all of them have a huge experiencie playing in Europe.»

“It’s going to be a really close first phase with no team having more chances to qualify than other. Obviously Eurocup is a strong competition with Euroleague teams playing it too.»

«It’s a good opportunity for our fans to enjoy their team playing big European teams one more season.»

President Joaquin Costa

“For us, being in the Eurocup means a lot. It’s a new opportunity to be with some of the best teams in Europe.”

“It’s a really tough, difficult group for us with some great teams. But you always have to work hard in every competition you are into and going strong in every game.  It’s going to be hard.”

“The prestige that comes with participating in Eurocup is great for both the club and the island. We are going to showcase our island in countries such as Germany, Italy or Belgium. It’s a very important thing for us as a club and as an island.”