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Brad Newley: «My family and I are really happy to return to the island»

He was born more than 17.000 kilometers away, but after three seasons on the island Brad Newley is one of ours.

Since Brad Newley arrived to the island in the summer of 2012, the aussie Small Forward earned the respect from the fans thanks to his dedication. And after a few games, he also earned the eternal love.

More than 100 games as a player of Herbalife Gran Canaria support what Brad Newley has given to the team. And next year, he’ll continue being one of the idols of Herbalife Gran Canaria. «My family and I are very happy to be coming back» Newley said from Australia, where he’s resting a few days before he begins the work with Australia National Team. «Gran Canaria is the best place for us, we feel very loved there and we can’t wait to be back.»

Brad Newley was the star in an unforgettable story back in Centro Insular de Deportes -the old home of Herbalife Gran Canaria. It was the Round 2 of 2013-14 season and the yellow team was trailing by a few points against UCAM Murcia. Brad Newley wasn’t in the gym because that same night his wife went into labor. After spending the night at the hospital and with no rest at all, Newley caught a taxi and arrived to the gym at halftime. After some warm-up exercises, not only he played but he was key in the comeback to win the game.

Newley has been in the team the last three years and he has been a part of some of the greatest moments in Herbalife Gran Canaria’s history. He played the ACB and King’s Cup semifinals in 2014; then he helped the team to set an all-time record of wins in ACB. A few months ago he reached the Eurocup Finals. «We’ve been improving last years with dedication and ambition» he says. «Let’s hope we can continue to make more history for our great club.»