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DaJuan Summers: «We have to match the intensity of the crowd»

DaJuan Summers said that the team will need «to focus» in order to match the intensity that both the rival and their fans will bring to the game.

«I think I made the most of the opportunity as far as my play yesterday. I let the game come to me, I didn’t force anything. I focused on my defense assigments and just tried to do what I can do to help the team win.»

«I think we need to start the game with a lot of intensity. I think we know the kind of intensity they are going to have too. The fans are crazy, they are very passionate and we know they want to win. We have to match the intensity of the crowd and the team to make sure we can advance to the semifinals.»

«Focus, you have to focus and understand that the game is 40 minutes so whatever happens during the course of the game you have to focus, keep doing your work. You need to focus in what you have to do.»

«Last year when I played for Budivelnik we played in Belgrade in the same round. We won the first game by four points, and then we played in Belgrade and we lost by 6. We went to overtime and we lost because the fans were crazy. Guys in my team couldn’t handle the pressure so I think it’s going to be the same in Karsiyaka and we need to stay focus and stick to our gameplan.»

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