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End of an historical season for Herbalife Gran Canaria

Herbalife Gran Canaria came short in Game 3 of Liga Endesa Playoffs and ended one historical season.

After forcing Game 3 with a great win last Sunday at Gran Canaria Arena, Herbalife Gran Canaria earned the right to fly back to Vitoria and face Laboral Kutxa in the do or die final game of the Playoffs Quarterfinals.

It was a close game as were the first two games. The islanders controlled the pace of the game in the first half outscoring Laboral Kutxa 40-41. However, the local squad made use of the court factor and made a comeback in the third quarter. With a 61-54 score and ten minutes to play, Herbalife Gran Canaria tried to win the game from the 6,75 line but the percentage wasn’t good enough.

GRA385. VITORIA (ÁLAVA), 31/05/2016.- El alero dominicano del Herbalife Gran Canaria, Eulis Báez (i), lanza a canasta ante el estadounidense David Bertans, del Laboral Kutxa, durante el tercer partido de cuartos de final la Liga ACB que se juega esta noche en el Fernando Buesa de Vitoria. EFE/Adrián Ruiz De Hierro

The final result was 78-71 and Herbalife Gran Canaria ended an amazing season on the road. Coach Aíto García Reneses said in the last press conference of the season that he gives an A+ to the team for their season. It truly is a fitting grade as Herbalife Gran Canaria reached its first Copa del Rey final as well as fought with Galatasaray in the Eurocup Semifinals.

The fans were a key factor for the great performance of the team all through the season and they were very supportive on Social Media after the last game of the Playoffs.