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Eulis Báez and Aíto speak about tomorrow’s big night


We have to go step by step. We have an important disadvantage and we must play with patience, that was our mistake in the third quarter.

They are a very offensive team, so we need to focus in our defence. We need to avoid easy baskets, they scored almost 70 percent of their shots and it’s difficult to win when you allow easy layups.



It’s easy to think that if we win each quarter by four points, we almost win by 16 points, but basketball is not like this. You have to focus in every defence and every attack. To think in the score only in the last few minutes, if you are losing by too many points, you have to run the offense fast, if you are winning, more slowly.

They are coming to win the game. We don’t have to worry about them or the result, only focus in every play and leave anxiety behind.