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Herbalife Gran Canaria makes history in 2016 King’s Cup

Herbalife Gran Canaria beat Valencia Basket and Dominion Bilbao Basket and managed to fight until the last second in the final game against Real Madrid.

Herbalife Gran Canaria had a dream weekend in A Coruña. It was the eleventh participation in a King’s Cup for the Yellow team -the fourth in a row. Aito Garcia Reneses’ team had had some good results getting into the King’s Cup but Valencia Basket was the favourite in the Quarterfinals game -and also one of the favourites to win the title.

But Herbalife Gran Canaria had a terrific game and overcame a 12 points deficit to win the game, 78:83. It was a crazy and really close match and the islanders prove once again the strengh of his coral style of basketball.

It was an historical semifinal on Saturday 20 as Granca and Bilbao face each other looking for a spot in the final -it would be the first final ever for both teams in a King’s Cup. It looked like Dominion Bilbao was claiming the win with a 19 points lead and onlye 15 minutes to go. But Herbalife Gran Canaria had one of the greatest comeback ever in King’s Cup history and ended up winning by 10, 71:81 with a 16-45 run in the last minutes.

Everyone thought that Real Madrid was going to have it easy in the final game. The Whites were clearly the favourite and they proved it since the first minutes of the game. Ayon dunked a rebound to put 12 points ahead Madrid, 70:82, with only a minute and a half to go. But Gran Canaria showed the world, one last time, their unconquerable soul by reducing the deficit to only 2 points. At the end it was a 81:85 score for Real Madrid altough the fans cheered for Herbalife Gran Canaria as the winners.