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Herbalife Gran Canaria’s players showed great enthusiasm in King’s Cup Media Day

Herbalife Gran Canaria held a Media Day because of the upcoming King’s Cup. Here’s what the players said.

Eulis Baez: «It’s a short competition and we have to be at our best. FIATC Joventut is a great team but we have our chances to get the win. We are going to prepare ourselves to be able to win the game.»

Levon Kendall: «FIATC Joventut is a strong team. There are some people who could say that they are coming to the King’s Cup in bad shape because of that loss versus Barcelona, but they are going to come with great motivation anyways. Past games don’t count and I’m sure both teams we’ll get to Friday’s game with high motivation.»

Txemi Urtasun: «We have to focus on the first game and don’t think beyond that point. We’ll fight with any team but first it has to be FIATC Joventut. We have been a solid team when we were able to control the game with defense and rebounds.»

Kyle Kuric: «As a player you can’t think in the pressure, otherwise you just get caught up in it and get a little nervous so you don’t play the way you want to. We have to face the game as any other.»