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Hollins, Báez and the coach talked about last night’s win

«It was definitely an adjustment, but I felt my teammates and the crowd behind me. I know they wanted me to do well. It makes me happy to be here».

«It was tough at first to adapt to the rules because I never played this style of play before, but my teammates were amazing and the crowd too. We need their support behind us. I am glad to be part of what we have here».

«The fans made me feel like a superstar tonight. To be thousand of mile away from home it means a road for me and to my family. To have their supports it means everything. I need them, the team needs them. I felt like I was at home».

«We are happy for the win. We managed to control the game from the beginning. At halftime we only had a six-point lead, but we reacted to keep us ahead. I am glad too because Ryan Hollins played his first game with us. It was a great team effort with Royce O’Neale standing out from everyone».

«We have two Spanish teams in the Top 16, so that’s good because the travels will be shorter. But we have to compete versus great teams and they know each other better».

«We were at good defensive level at the beginning of each quarter. We haven’t got a good percentage in threes nor free throws. We must be satisfied for the rest, not only avout the game, but for qualifying in first place with 7-1. Valencia Basket and us were the only teams managed to do that».

«Now we will face two Spanish teams. That is good for the travels, but bad because of the scouting we already have from each other. We lose the surprise factor we could have versus another European teams».

«Ryan Hollins must adjust to the referees in Europe and to our rhytm. We have seen  a piece of what he could give us, but it is very soon yet».