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Kevin Pangos: «I play hard and the team comes first»

The 22-years-old PG Kevin Pangos arrived to Gran Canaria last Friday. He’s the first player of the team to get to the island as the team will start its preseason next Wednesday 26.

«I feel good, I’m excited to be here and play for this team and have this opportunity I have. I know it’s a great team and the competition is good. I’m just going to work as hard as I can every day and try to help the team to win games. People have told me that Herbalife Gran Canaria it’s a great team and that the fans are really passionate and they really support the team.»

«I just want to become a better player and win games. It’s always been about winning first. I want to become a better player and help the team. My strengh is the shooting, I like to run the team and get guys open shots, pass the ball. I just try to play hard and the team comes first.»

«Everything about it, it’s hard to pick just one thing. When my agent was talking about this team it really reminded me of the college I went to because of the family environment. Obviously it’s a succesful team so I liked all the different things this team had to offer.»