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Luis Casimiro and Oriol Paulí talk about the vital Top16 game against UCAM Murcia

Both agreed on press conference that the game against UCAM Murcia is a very important one.

Luis Casimiro

«It is fundamental to grab our first win in this Top 16, but we will see our future brighter if we do it. We must know the great difficulty of tomorrow’s game».

«From UCAM Murcia, we are worried about Jimmy Baron and Vitor Benite with their shooting, the strength of Sadiel Rojas or José Antelo’s talent. But on top of all that, our main concern is Facundo Campazzo. When he has a good game, they play with rhythm and really well in transition. Trying to control him will be an important factor».

Oriol Paulí

«We have a very important game tomorrow for our future in 7DAYS Eurocup. I think we are ready and focused. We have learned from our mistakes in Fuenlabrada. We could work these days thanks to our rest in ACB. Versus UCAM Murcia will be like a knockout round, playing tomorrow in Gran Canaria and then at their home. We must prepare well the scouting. We are excited to prove that we could overcome any obstacle».