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Luis Casimiro: «Tomorrow’s game is important for the next things to come»

The coach of Herbalife Gran Canaria analyzes the game for round 10 in Eurocup season.

«We arrived in the same situation as the last game in ACB with Pablo Aguilar and Darko Planinic injured. I think that Ryan Hollins might have some minutes to help in his adaptation to the European basketball».

«Ryan’s attitude has been great. He came with too many activity and passion. He is a player that could helps us with intensity and athleticism. He’s processing the information and little by little he will help us more and more».

«The main thing in every game is to face it with the best work possible. Tomorrow’s game is not important for the classification, but we must respect ourselves and the rival team. We must try to keep improving and growing in our game. And also because is an important game for the next things to come, for example Sunday’s game in Manresa».