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Newley signs one-year contract extension with Herbalife Gran Canaria

The Aussie Small Forward will continue to being one of the symbols of Herbalife Gran Canaria.

Brad Newley (born in Adelaide, Australia, 18 February 1985) and Herbalife Gran Canaria have reached an agreement for the next season.

Since the Australian player arrived to Gran Canaria in the summer of 2012, he has earned the love of the fans thanks to his absolute dedication in every game and every play.

Newley, who is going to play his fourth season with Herbalife Gran Canaria next year, has played 109 games with the yellow jersey. He has averaged 26,6 minutes on the court while scoring 11,1 points, grabbing 3,6 rebounds and handing out 1,1 assists.

He has been a part along with Tomas Bellas and Eulis Baez of the last three squads Herbalife Gran Canaria has had. He played the first ACB and King’s Cup semifinals in 2013; then he helped the team to get the all-time record in wins in a regular league; and finally he was capital in the excting season the team had in Eurocup.

He’s already focused on his important rol as a member of the Australian National Team. His renewal came after Sasu Salin’s one, who also will be coming back next season.