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Ratiopharm Ulm beat Herbalife Gran Canaria (51-66)

Herbalife Gran Canaria couldn’t win his home presentation game versus German team of Ratiopharm Ulm.

After winning the two first games of preseason, Herbalife Gran Canaria wanted to give their fans a win at Gran Canaria Arena. However, Ratiopharm Ulm took advantage of the bad shooting percentage of Herbalife Gran Canaria and grabbed the win.

Herbalife Gran Canaria struggled to score since the beginning. In the first five minutes only Brad Newley had scored a layup. Meanwhile, the effort in defense was being good from Aito Garcia Reneses’ players but Ratiopharm Ulm managed to take a lead. After one quarter, the difference was seven points (9-16).

Ratiopharm Ulm kept making a strong defense and with a 0-5 run they took an eleven-points lead. Albert Oliver from the free throw line kept Herbalife Gran Canaria below the ten points disadvantage at halftime (18-29).

Kevin Pangos and Ovidijus Galdikas were making their debuts at home and did well -especially the Lithuanian center, who ended with 13 points and 7 rebounds, numbers that made him the best local player of the day. It was him, after Pangos making two threes, who helped the most in a little Herbalife Gran Canaria run. It was 30-38 for the German team. They didn’t give a chance to the yellow team and DeAndre Kane was a key factor with his late threes.

Kane put on a show with some three points shots and some layups. He ended up with 16 points -all of which came in the second half. At the end it was 51-66 for Ratiopharm Ulm. Now, Herbalife Gran Canaria will travel to Burgos to play Valencia Basket next Saturday.