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Reactions after a great win over Avtodor Saratov

Coach Aito said his team did a good job in both ends of the court and the players were happy about the high scoring game.

Aito Garcia Reneses: «It’s been a good game for us. Avtodor Saratov use to score more than 100 points and they only scored 77 tonight. That good job in defense allowed us to run the court and have a good pace in offense. The team found their way during the game and probably it was our best game in the offensive rebounds effort.»

Xavi Rabaseda: «After the last tough loss at home this game was an important one to recover as a team. Also it was a very important game in the Last 32. I think we have good chances to qualify but it’s not going to be easy. If we win in Russia we’ll have good chances.»

Oriol Pauli: «We’re happy about the game. It was a high scoring game and that’s good for us. Also we did a good job in defense and that’s good for us too. They score a lot from three and today we stopped them.»