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Reactions after reaching the first-ever European semifinals

It was a blast in the Herbalife Gran Canaria locker room after clinched a spot in the Eurocup semifinals. History made, the team now wants to try its best in what’s left.

Aíto García Reneses: “It’s hard for us to participate in Eurocup because we are long away, with long distance trips. Pinar Karsiyaka played hard and I want to congratulate them and their fans. I think it was spectacular how they cheered all the game. It was an impressive game.”

“We had no problems here. Everybody was very good with us. In relation to the game, I think Dixon was really a problem for us in the first half but then we defended him better and we did a great job.”

Brad Newley: “We played a very tough game in a very, very tough environment. We are happy with the result. We want to thank the fans of Karsiyaka for no killing us (laughs). We were a little bit nervous but at the end we had a great game. Thank you for hosting us.”

Eulis Baez: «I’m very happy. In the last three years we have experienced a lot of changes and we have managed to break some record every season. We are happy we have reached the first-ever semifinals in Europe. We want to thank the support from our fans and I want to congratulate my teammates.»

Tomas Bellas: «It was a great team effort -that was the key. We knew it was going to be an impressive enviroment. It’s a pleasure to play in a court like this one with so many fans cheering all the time. We’ve played with courage and heart. It’s historical for us to be in the semifinals -we’ve won 19 of 20 games and that’s something you have to appreciate.

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