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Reactions after the huge road win in Kazan

Both Aíto García Reneses and Txemi Urtasun said after the game that the job is only «half done» and that all the team have to keep the focus in the second leg.

Aíto García Reneses: «I am very happy with this win, especially because of the way we started the game. Our fast, aggressive, loose game allowed us to play a very good first quarter. After that, they imposed their rhythm and it was difficult for us, but that didn’t make us lose our focus, because it is not the same to play on the road knowing that you still have to play at home. We are happy with these 40 minutes but we have to play 40 more.»

«We are fortunate to have the example of the previous two-way round, in which Kazan lost at home by 9 points but won by 21 in Krasnodar against a team that had been undefeated in the Eurocup until then. That is a clear warning for us. We cannot even think that the series is over. The series will only be won if we are ahead after 80 minutes.»

Txemi Urtasun: «I think we had a good start. We came out with great intensity, playing really well. I think we were really focused for all 40 minutes. We had some ups and downs and they are a really talented team.»

«They went on some runs but we didn’t stop playing well, focused, the way we wanted. I am happy with our game. We know we have only done half the job. We still have to play at home and it will be a tough game.»