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Reactions after the tough elimination in Eurocup

Coach Aito showed in press conference his gratitude for the team effort -while Oliver said in the locker room that the team played «a great game.»

Aito Garcia Reneses: «We had hope»

“First of all, congratulations to Galatasaray and to Herbalife Gran Canaria. What we have done, to be so close of our second Eurocup finals, nobody has ever reach it. I have to congratulate my team for their effort, sometimes we succeed, others we don’t.”

“We had hope, and that provoked that we made a great effort. The tension arrived to both teams, and we know that it could happen. We were close and we are not happy right now, but in the big picture of the whole competition, we are.”

Albert Oliver: «We needed to go little by little»

“We have played a great game. To win by 14 points and go to overtime versus a great team as Galatasaray, it’s not easy. At the beginning, both teams scored many points, but we knew it will be a long match because they have players with too many minutes in the court. We needed to go little by little and we did, we were winning by 16, but we lost the last possession”.