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Sasu Salin: «Gran Canaria is a nice place, people are friendly and helpful»

He’s been with the team for just 15 games, but Sasu Salin is already one of the fans’ idols because of his dedication.

Last week Herbalife Gran Canaria announced a one-year extension of Sasu Salin’s contract. The 24 years-old arrived to the island last February, just in time to help the team in King’s Cup. Since then, Salin has become one of the key players of the team with his 3pt shooting, his energy and a very good defense.

«I feel great about coming back to Gran Canaria» he says from Finland, where he is resting nowadays before he start to practice with Finland National Team. «I really enjoyed the four months I was there -Gran Canaria is a nice place, people are friendly and helpful so it’s an easy place to be» he explained.

Salin made his pro debut really young back in Finland, and then he spent five seasons with Olimpija Lubljana in Slovenia. He played Euroleague too. But now, «I’m really satisfied about playing in Spain, because Liga Endesa is one of the best leagues in Europe» he said.

Salin will pair up with Kyle Kuric. The American shooting guard has another year in his contract so he’ll be coming back too. «Kyle Kuric is a great player and I think that we are going to be a tough shooting guard pair for the opponents.»

Born in Helsinki, Sasu Salin is a very beloved player back in Finland. When Herbalife Gran Canaria signed him, a lot of finish fans began to follow the team’s social media profiles. After he finished his season here, «first one and half weeks I just rested» he said. «Then I finished one camp for kids what was really good time!» Before he starts to prepare the upcoming Eurobasket 2015, «now we have here in Finland middle summer party so I’m at my friends house by the coast.»

Salin was just 19 years old when he made his debut with Finland National Team back in 2010. He was one of the best Finish players in 2014 World Cup and it seems like he’s coming back to play for the Finnish Wolfpack next september. «We have a tough group» -Finland is going to face France, Russia, Bosnia, Poland and Israel, «but if we play like always, we should do just fine!»