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Brad Newley and Aíto emphasised that «this is just the first half»

The australian forward and the coach of Herbalife Gran Canaria talked about that there is 40 minutes still to play in this eightfinals round.


«Today was just the first half. It is important to stay focused and we must prepare ourselves for the next game. This win gives us an advantage, but we must be ready for Wednesday. We are happy with the result, but we are not completely satisfied because we have one more game to play.»


«I am happy because we played a very good game both on offense and defense, but just like Brad [Newley] said, this was just a first half. I think Cedevita is a very good team and they created us a lot of problems, sometimes with the play of Bilan and Barac in the paint, and sometimes with their outside players. They have some players that play very well one on one and there is never just one key to getting a win against that kind of team.»