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Herbalife Gran Canaria finished off 3rd the I Torneo Fundación CiD

The yellow team lost against Valencia Basket in the semifinals and then finished off with a win against Río Natura Monbús Obradoiro.

Herbalife Gran Canaria continued with its preseason playing the I Torneo Fundación CiD last weekend. The tournament was hosted in Burgos and showcased four elite ACB teams -Valencia Basket, Dominion Bilbao Basket and Río Natura Monbús Obradoiro played along the islanders.

After losing the only home friendly in preseason, Herbalife Gran Canaria wanted to gave its best against same-league rivals. On Saturday, Aíto García Reneses’ players had a slow start versus Valencia Basket. After an 18-4 run for the taronja team, Gran Canaria improved its intensity in defense and had a good shooting percentage with a lot of players scoring from the perimeter -guys like Kuric, Báez o Salin helped in that matter.

After getting the game tied and enter in the last quarter with a five-points disadvantage, Valencia Basket fueled up from its big guys -both Justin Hamilton and Bojan Dubljevic really hurt Herbalife Gran Canaria during the whole game, but especially in the last minutes. Valencia Basket won by 86-70 and qualified to the finals.

On Sunday, Herbalife Gran Canaria played Río Natura Monbús Obradoiro for the second time this preseason. The yellow team had a similar percentage in the shooting -a very good one, although they endured some problems in the defense all over again. At halftime, the islanders had scored 50 points and received 43.

In the second half, Herbalife Gran Canaria managed to be always in the lead with some great minutes from the bench players -especially from Pablo Aguilar. The Spanish international player had a great game and helped the team scoring some points from the 6,75 line. At the end, Herbalife Gran Canaria won and finished off the tournament in the 3rd position.