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Intensity and defense the keys against Cedevita according to Urtasun and Kuric

Both Txemi Urtasun and Kyle Kuric will have to do their best tonight versus Cedevita. The shooting guard spots should be very important in what’s going to be a high scoring matchup.

Txemi Urtasun

“Repesa’s teams work good in defense and in offense and combine players with experience and young talents. In this case, Cedevita is similar to this and they are having a good season.»

«After our loss in ACB, we have to look forward with the complete roster and improving the intensity during the 40 minutes of the game.»

«With more rotation, we must increase our strenght in the court and be competitive in Zagreb».

Kyle Kuric

«A lot of things will be decisive against Cedevita, but mostly it’s gonna be our defense. We have played well in offense all this way, but the defense is the big key for us.»

«I don’t think that we are the favourites for the Eurocup, but we have to keep playing the way we did and the only game we lost was versus a great team like Banvit on the road. Now we face a really good team here in Croatia and we are here to try to win.»

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