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Newley and Pangos remark the character the team showed against Hapoel

Both Kevin Pangos and Brad Newley remarked the good attitude of the team until the end.

Kevin Pangos: «It was good. Everyone played well and we didn’t relax too much to let them get too close. I’m trying to practice a lot and get my conditioning better. And just get my feel for basketball better.»

«I think we are playing good basketball and it will be exciting to get the next series going and play some good basketball against the next opponent.»

Brad Newley: «The important thing is we continued to play hard until the end. We showed a good character and played very well as a team right until the end.»

«The same thing as last year -you play one game at a time. We never intend to think too far in the future -it’s important to keep thinking about the present.»