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Satisfaction in the locker room after fourth win in a row

The players were really happy at the locker room after the fourth consecutive win of the season.

Aíto García Reneses:

“Our team played a great game and I think it was a great show for the fans because this team works so much.”

“The most important thing is that we attacked well their main virtue, that is his full court defense with traps. By the way, we had a very good passing between our players to create good shots from the outside.”

Sitapha Savané:

“We feel great because of the score and the form we solved the game versus a team that we knew that they would create us problems.”

“Another game where everyone participates and that is important for all the players because every day we can shoot one different from another.”

Sasu Salin:

«I hit a couple of threes but I think everybody played well. For myself I’m happy a hit a couple of threes after missing in the previous game but today me and Kyle and Brad played well.»

«Tough one on Sunday. We have three days to prepare. Just have to keep playing hard. So far we have played hard on all of these games and we’re having good results so we have to keep doing that.»